Challah back ya’ll!

Baked Challah bread

This weekend I baked my first Challah bread!  It was really fun and produces a spectacular result with less work than I’d expected.

This recipe from Smitten Kitchen worked out really well.  Her instructions are very detailed so if you’re going to try this yourself, you should really go see her site.

For braiding strategy I turned to youtube.  This video by MayaSophia demonstrates the technique I used very clearly.  In her video she details a fancy seed smearing method, I settled for sprinkling.

My oven was a tad too hot (75°F) and I didn’t have a proper brush for the egg wash (used a paper towel).  That probably accounts for the uneven coloration.  Next time I will use the correct temperature and apply the second second of egg wash right before it goes in the oven with a proper brush!

Still tasted fine: I smeared mine with honey and sprinkled with a little salt.  Delicious!

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