Regular Polyhedra Visualization

I’ve created a small Processing tool for visualizing the regular polyhedra.  It is currently in a partially completed state that does not yet contain a proper Dodecahedron but I decided to release it anyway.  Hopefully I will have that completed shortly. ED: DONE!

More details about how to get it for yourself after the cut.

The Mac OSX version of the program can be downloaded from my repository here.

To use it unzip the file and double click the resulting application.  Press and hold the mouse button to adjust the orientation of the model.  Use the keyboard to select which model to display: (1) Tetrahedron, (2) Cube, (3) Octahedron, (4) Dodecahedron, (5) Icosahedron, and the bonus model (0) Sphere.

I started this project as a simple way of learning the Processing language and practicing some 3D visualization.  If you are interested in seeing my source code you can get a copy from my SVN repository.  I will link that below.

As mentioned above, this project is unfinished.  The Dodecahedron model is not mathematically correct and looks funny as a result. ED: DONE!  I plan to correct that and possibly redefine some of the models so that each models is oriented with one vertex on the spherical (SIZE, 0, 0) position.  A better rotation mechanism would also be nice!

SVN Repository:

EDITED 2/1: Finished the Dodecahedron model and updated the svn.
EDITED 2/2: Added the ability to toggle perspectives (ortho/perspective).

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