Hip Rotation and Weight Transfer

My swing is a freaking mess.  I was following the drills from the Herman Miller video in my first post, but that video really doesn’t cover weight transfer.  That’s ok for poking around at the range or on the par-3, but wasn’t cutting it out on the course.

This video by Shawn Clement really helped me understand body position and weight transfer. I really enjoy his coaching style so I’m sure there will be more posts about his lessons in the future.

My concept of weight transfer had been more informed by softball and baseball where you actually step forward into the ball.  This lead me to always be off-balance and falling forward into my release.

Since practicing the back and forth swings where I allow my body to get out the way of my arms, I feel like I’m getting my weight transferred better than ever while remaining balanced.  Being prepared to smoothly start another backswing from the end of my swing prevents me from lunging forward and toppling over myself.

A final point that might have been obvious to others is hip rotation. Using hip rotation to accomplish my weight transfer is clearly been the way to go.  Somehow I just never got that before now.

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