Learning Golf

I’m learning to play golf! I played a fair amount in high school but never really continued in college outside of weekly par-3 games with my dad while I was studying at UIUC. Realizing that I work a 10 minute walk from the beautiful Bob O’Connor course in Schenley Park, I picked up a used set of clubs from Callaway Pre-Owned Golf and got out on the course.

These blog posts will be a series of links to training materials and of personal notes on my process of learning to play.  I hope that others learning might find this collection useful as well.

Given that I had been out of the game for several years, I decided to approach learning from the point of view of a complete beginniner: focusing on grip, stance, and swing.  I found a great video by Herman Williams that I’ve tried to emulate.

I’ve excluded these posts from my main page as I think they are distinctly outside of the focus of Pete’s Projects but they can be reached in the “Golf” section of the category view on the right side.

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