Swing Video – July 10, 2011

The driving range was frustrating today. Looking back at last months video I realized what big gains I’ve made so…

First the positive points.  I have been working hard on my balance this month and watching the video that seems to have paid off.  Less rocking from my heels to my ankles.  Less “standing up” at the top. Less falling over forward into my follow-through.

Things that weren’t so good.  Still standing up a bit at the top of the backswing and definitely not turning the club around smoothly at the conclusion of my follow through.

This months problem areas:

  • Not hitting with the center of the club-face. Slowing down the video I can see that I am making contact all over the place.
  • Consistently hitting the ball too high.  Not only with my driver, but with all of my clubs.  I would like to be able to adjust my trajectory lower.
  • Not lifting my back heel through the shot. This probably is causing me to lift through the ball more than I should, causing the skyed shot.  I will review the balance videos from last month some more and drill on this.
  • Ridding myself of this darned slice. I did hit a few draw shots today but it was super-inconsistent. Hopefully this will dovetail with lowering my trajectory.

Next month I’ll do a front angle shot also because I think that will tell me a lot about why I’m “skying” my shots.

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