Portland Marathon 2012

Last weekend I flew to Oregon run the Portland Marathon. My friend Laura was also running the race and we both had a great time. The course started downtown and looped up over the St. Johns bridge and then back down the east side and over the Broadway bridge. My goal time was 4:30 but I finished the race in 4:55:39 tag time (5:09:16 gun) at a pace of 11:17.

I fell apart in the second half of the race, possibly because I came out too hard in the start massively undertrained in September (due to the flu). My halfway split was 2:03:18 and I could tell I was running out of energy at that point. I tried to choke down as many gummy bears and sweet drinks as I could at the stations but still lost an hour in the second half. I managed to keep running through to the finish but the last five miles were really slow.

5K           28:07
10K         58:11
8.9mi   1:22:57
Half      2:03:18
17.5mi  2:55:32
21.1mi  3:43:06
26.2mi 4:55:39


  • Overall 4139/6689
  • Age 391/501
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