Ranges & Swing Video – Pre-lesson Baselines – March 14, 2013

I recorded club distances and taped my driver shot again. My distances feel short and it’s weird how my 7 and 6 carry the same distance and the 5 and 4h carry the same distance: very suspicious.
PW 64
9I 82
8I 105
7I 124
6I 126
5I 147
4h 148
5w 174
3w 194
Driver 202

My drive is looking crappy. My posture is terrible, I’m opening my hips, standing up. Not hitting straight. Since shooting this I took a lesson where we talked a lot about starting position. I’ll give that a few weeks to set in and record again.

In any case, these are the baselines to compare my improvement to after I’ve been taking lessons for a while.

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