LostGolfBalls Used Golf Balls Review

Between my funky swing and lazy attitude towards searching in the rough, I lose several golf balls per game which was getting expensive. Always looking to golf on the cheap, a few weeks ago I bought four dozen balls from lostgolfballs.com because most of the balls there are more than 50% off new prices. At those prices I can afford to shoot a consistent model of ball throughout several games instead of playing with shag balls of dubious provenance.

Lostgolfballs uses a multi-tiered grading system but I was really only interested newish balls so I ordered three dozen of their first quality (5A) balls but I also ordered one dozen second-quality (4A) balls as an experiment. I was very happy with the results but I’ll go through the results batch-by-batch so you can see for yourself.

First were the Titelist NXT Tour 2012 golf balls in first-quality: seven of the twelve appeared unmarked, two had marker lines, and three were logo balls. The balls played like new on the course.

Taylormade NXT Tour 2012 Golf Balls

Second order was the Bridgestone E7 2012 in first-quality, but what actually arrived were Bridgestone E5s. This seemed to be just a simple mix up and I never contacted Lostgolfballs because I was happy to try out the E5s. Ten of the twelve appeared unmarked (one rolled out of frame in the picture), one had a single sharpie dot, and one had a small scuff.

Taylormade NXT Tour 2012 Golf Balls

Third were the Nike 20XI-X in first quality: eight of the twelve appeared unmarked, one with small sharpie dots, one ball with minor scuffing, one logo ball, and one ball marked “prototype.”

Nike 20XI-X Golf Balls

Finally were the Taylormade Penta TP5 in second quality. The grade drop was evident here as only four balls appeared unmarked, three had logos, three minor scuffs, on “PRACTICE” ball, and one sharpie ball.

Taylormade Penta TP5

Overall I was very happy with my order and I’m sure to order from Lostgolfballs.com again. I personally found the drop from first to second quality to be a bit too steep so I will stick to first quality in the future.

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