Swing Video – Mid-Season – July 17, 2014

I haven’t been playing nearly as much this year, nor have I taken a lesson since last Christmas, but on course I have been playing pretty darn well considering. Tilden Park Golf Course has a great training area that I sometime hit in the morning after dropping Kristen off at work.

Comparing this video to last season I see quite a few improvements. First, my main priority this year has been hinging my wrists. I am definitely doing that, this has yielded benefits in distance (250 yd carry on driver now), club face control, and just a looser easier swing. I think my balance looks way better now also, I don’t ever end up on my back foot anymore. My slow-pitch softball pitch swing thought seems to have worked.

In terms of improvement, my ball striking and swing path need work. When hitting at the range I’ve been tracking my club face impact points. Especially with the driver I’ve been all over the face, usually out of the crown almost. My lateral body shift is not helping me find the center of the face. Right-leg is really moving at impact also. Quieter body will be my drill. With my wedges I’ve noticed this has the nice by-product of moving my swing path more down the target line.

My follow through looks super-awkward. No hinging on the follow through (release)? I’m going to do some slow-mo swing drills and try to recreate my wrist-hinge on the follow-through that I feel on the backswing now. This might even help with quieting my body.

This old Mark Crossfield video is a great example of the type of quiet lower body, steady head I want to aspire to:


+ wrist hinge
+ balance way improved

Needs work, how:
– shifting laterally to the rear quite a bit, quiet lower body
– follow through looks awkward

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