Kuri Robot Notes

One of my colleagues had an interesting box, it turned out to contain a Kuri home robot from the shuttered Mayfield Robotics company. This post is a collection point for my notes on playing with it. I thought it might be an interesting platform for exploring robotics concepts and demonstrating the use of ROS in a consumer product.


Click for current project status:

Current Status:
11.12.2018 – Currently, the bluetooth isn’t appearing and I cannot set the wifi network. If Kuri sees an open wifi network, it might connect with a specific hostname based on the serial number.

Next steps include: 1) trying to connect with my iPad using the mac app (which appears better supported), 2) bringing it home and creating an open wifi network that it could connect to and I can try to connect to Kuri over ssh.

The Mayfield Engineers appear to have dumped a fair amount of internal documentation to this site:

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