Egg Robot Cyclops (v3)

Egg Robot is a Cyclops! Making the Egg Robot (Ham-Steak) into a credible toy means not leaving the internals dangling around where they could be damaged. Version 3 of the Egg Robot adds front and rear covers that protect the internals and create a more “eggy” impression.

I am interested to see whether raising the center of gravity, by adding the extra weight of the cover and the eye electronics, reduces the stability of the robot. I imagine that at least the PID controller will have to be retuned.

Completed Design Goals for Version 3:

  • Front Cover
  • Rear Cover
  • Eye / Face

Long Term Ideas:

  • Machine learning based control
  • Increase range of motion of the pendulum (ideally to servo limit of 180 degrees)
  • Tapping the body of the robot to change behavior
  • Robot holding orientation that it is placed in
  • Higher friction base material to reduce slipping
    • Creating “shoes” to improve grip
    • A skirt or leotard or other functional and decorative outfit choice for the robot
    • Current shell has “flat spots.” Create smoother curves
  • Ability to complete dynamic movements like
    • Rolling over
    • Balancing on the top
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