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Generative Art & Pen Plotters

Just operating my 3D printer have become a bit boring, so I’m interested in other uses for the gantry. Attaching a pen to the gantry to make a simple pen plotter seems like a worthy project. The plotting area will … Continue reading

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Firefly Robots

Some fireflies exhibit a remarkable behavior where their flashes can synchronize with one another. I am interested in seeing if I can reproduce this behavior in small tabletop robots. These robots may use lights and light sensors to reproduce the … Continue reading

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3D Printed, Snap Fit Enclosures

This week I brought my 3D printer out from the attic because I wanted to build some electronics enclosures. I’m fairly experienced with CAD and Fusion 360. However, my experience with building boxes is limited to laser cutting. This blog … Continue reading

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Robocars Racing

The other day a commenter to this blog’s signature included a reference to Robocar racing. I had never heard of that before and learned about an amazing activity involving developing and racing self-driving RC-style, scale-model cars. Robocars is sort of … Continue reading

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Finicky Fiducial Frenzy

The RomiPi system uses the OpenCV standard ArucoTag system for indoor localization. Below is a picture of the markers representing the positions of robots Star, Port and French, relative to the RomiPi Jiffy. Additionally, the image shows the stream of … Continue reading

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Indoor Mobile-Robot Localization

The RomiPi project currently uses Aruco Tags for localization! While highly accurate, there are several limitations: cameras and vision are expensive, and visual obstructions limit use of cameras for certain carrying tasks. This pose will document various technologies and products … Continue reading

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Introducing RomiPi: A ROS Package for the Pololu Romi

The Pololu Romi with 32u4 Control Board is a robust, low-cost (<$150), educational robotics platform that supports interfacing with the Raspberry Pi computing platform. The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a robotics framework used throughout academics and industry which supports … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Joystick (DS4) with ROS

ROS on a Raspberry Pi is great, but controlling your robot with an actual joystick-style controller is even better. Follows are my notes on connecting a Playstation Dual-Shock 4 (DS4) controller to ROS on Ubuntu with ds4drv. My robotics platform … Continue reading

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Bigger Buttons for the Pololu Zumo!

The Pololu Zumo 32u4 is an excellent educational robotics platform, but its buttons proved difficult to manipulate for some of the students in my classes. I designed these bigger buttons as an add-on for the Zumo. My hope is that … Continue reading

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Playing with Airfoils: NASA Prandtl-D Model Design and Build Experience Report

This post is a summary of my experience designing a model airplane flying wing based on the NASA Prandtl experimental flying wing. I then built a very simplified version with the help of Paul Voss using his CNC foam wing … Continue reading

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