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Micro ROS on the Pololu 3pi+2040, Part 2

In the previous post, I demonstrated a very basic micro ROS implementation running on the Pololu 3pi+ 2040. This post expands upon that demonstration to include battery sensor telemetry. Step 3: Pololu 3pi+ 2040 Sensor Telemetry to micro ROS In … Continue reading

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Micro ROS on the Pololu 3pi+2040

The Pololu 3pi+2040 is a very capable (and adorable) mobile robotics experimentation platform sporting the powerful Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller. The ROS 2 robot operating system is the standard platform for mobile robotics, providing reliable publisher-subscriber communication, simulation and visualization. … Continue reading

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Memory Forensics with LiMe

Installing LiMe on a Kali Linux UTM virtual machine on an M1 Mac. In your Kali Linux Virtual Machine, enter the following on the command line: $ sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list Uncomment the deb-src line. $ sudo apt update -y$ sudo … Continue reading

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Generative Art & Pen Plotters

Just operating my 3D printer have become a bit boring, so I’m interested in other uses for the gantry. Attaching a pen to the gantry to make a simple pen plotter seems like a worthy project. The plotting area will … Continue reading

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Firefly Robots

Some fireflies exhibit a remarkable behavior where their flashes can synchronize with one another. I am interested in seeing if I can reproduce this behavior in small tabletop robots. These robots may use lights and light sensors to reproduce the … Continue reading

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3D Printed, Snap Fit Enclosures

This week I brought my 3D printer out from the attic because I wanted to build some electronics enclosures. I’m fairly experienced with CAD and Fusion 360. However, my experience with building boxes is limited to laser cutting. This blog … Continue reading

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Robocars Racing

The other day a commenter to this blog’s signature included a reference to Robocar racing. I had never heard of that before and learned about an amazing activity involving developing and racing self-driving RC-style, scale-model cars. Robocars is sort of … Continue reading

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Finicky Fiducial Frenzy

The RomiPi system uses the OpenCV standard ArucoTag system for indoor localization. Below is a picture of the markers representing the positions of robots Star, Port and French, relative to the RomiPi Jiffy. Additionally, the image shows the stream of … Continue reading

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Indoor Mobile-Robot Localization

The RomiPi project currently uses Aruco Tags for localization! While highly accurate, there are several limitations: cameras and vision are expensive, and visual obstructions limit use of cameras for certain carrying tasks. This pose will document various technologies and products … Continue reading

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Introducing RomiPi: A ROS Package for the Pololu Romi

The Pololu Romi with 32u4 Control Board is a robust, low-cost (<$150), educational robotics platform that supports interfacing with the Raspberry Pi computing platform. The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a robotics framework used throughout academics and industry which supports … Continue reading

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