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Xilinx Zedboard First Boot

This post will record my experience completing the Getting Started Instructions for the Xilinx Zedboard using a MacBook Pro. Follow the instructions as listed from Xilinx (plug it in, USB cable to UART port, insert card, power-on) to step 7. … Continue reading

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CSE Week Activity – LED Holiday Cards

This morning I had the opportunity to give a Computer Science Education Week presentation to a third grade class at Liberty Elementary School in Springfield, MA. Since the students already have learned some CS curriculum, I told them about how CS influenced my … Continue reading

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Swing Video – Mid-Season – July 17, 2014

I haven’t been playing nearly as much this year, nor have I taken a lesson since last Christmas, but on course I have been playing pretty darn well considering. Tilden Park Golf Course has a great training area that I … Continue reading

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2013 Season Lessons Recap – September 26, 2013

Given all that will be going on this Fall, I declared my lesson this week to be the last of the season and this post will recap the progress I’ve made with my golf game.

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LostGolfBalls Used Golf Balls Review

Between my funky swing and lazy attitude towards searching in the rough, I lose several golf balls per game which was getting expensive. Always looking to golf on the cheap, a few weeks ago I bought four dozen balls from … Continue reading

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Swing Video – First After Lesson – March 21, 2013

Today Adam and I went to the simulators for a little range time.  My posture is greatly improved over previous videos!

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Ranges & Swing Video – Pre-lesson Baselines – March 14, 2013

I recorded club distances and taped my driver shot again. My distances feel short and it’s weird how my 7 and 6 carry the same distance and the 5 and 4h carry the same distance: very suspicious. SW PW 64 … Continue reading

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Swing Video – February 23, 2013

It’s been a while and this rear-on swing view shows I’m up to my old tricks! I’m standing up, bringing my club head over the top, not transferring my weight to my front leg, and curling up my arm instead … Continue reading

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Synchronizing 3D Printing Hosts with Dropbox

I use several different macs with Repetier-Host to control my PrintrBot Jr. and I’m tired of having to manually synchronize my Slic3r settings among each of the computers. Dropbox is great system for sharing files among many computer automatically and … Continue reading

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Johnny 4 – CMU MOBOT 2012

This year I entered the 2012 CMU MOBOT  mobile robot competition. I had a nice finished physical robot and a capable vision system but I didn’t finish in time to get it working well. Here I will document my entry … Continue reading

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