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OpenCV Charuco-Board Pose Estimation

The OpenCV Charuco-board pose estimation tools can provide localization estimation relative to your camera. The red-green-and blue axes drawn at the upper-right of the charuco-board taped to my wall indicates the pose estimate. These instructions are not particularly user-friendly, but … Continue reading

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OpenCV Charuco Camera-Calibration

OpenCV is an amazing tool that can provide accurate pose information in real-time, but first you have to provide it with a model of your camera. The opencv_interactive-calibraiton tool nominally provides that capability. Follows is a record of how I … Continue reading

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Fabric and Stick Sculptural Form Idea Gallery

What follows is a gallery of images I have collected for inspiration while designing the round of cloth sculptures to be produced in mid-July. Most concerned with color and lines. Miro: Love the lines of this. Volume, color. Stacks … Continue reading

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Textile Modeling and Implementation

Design Concepts Staked Design Methods/Non-traditional Materials – Armatures created by staking together non-traditional sculpture materials. Example materials include green sticks or lumber. Could also include cable/rope. Rigid vs. Flexible. How does the skin interact with the armature? Import physical designs into … Continue reading

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Xilinx Zedboard First Boot

This post will record my experience completing the Getting Started Instructions for the Xilinx Zedboard using a MacBook Pro. Follow the instructions as listed from Xilinx (plug it in, USB cable to UART port, insert card, power-on) to step 7. … Continue reading

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CSE Week Activity – LED Holiday Cards

This morning I had the opportunity to give a Computer Science Education Week presentation to a third grade class at Liberty Elementary School in Springfield, MA. Since the students already have learned some CS curriculum, I told them about how CS influenced my … Continue reading

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Swing Video – Mid-Season – July 17, 2014

I haven’t been playing nearly as much this year, nor have I taken a lesson since last Christmas, but on course I have been playing pretty darn well considering. Tilden Park Golf Course has a great training area that I … Continue reading

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2013 Season Lessons Recap – September 26, 2013

Given all that will be going on this Fall, I declared my lesson this week to be the last of the season and this post will recap the progress I’ve made with my golf game.

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LostGolfBalls Used Golf Balls Review

Between my funky swing and lazy attitude towards searching in the rough, I lose several golf balls per game which was getting expensive. Always looking to golf on the cheap, a few weeks ago I bought four dozen balls from … Continue reading

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Swing Video – First After Lesson – March 21, 2013

Today Adam and I went to the simulators for a little range time.  My posture is greatly improved over previous videos!

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