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NFC v3 Reader with Arduino

Turns out there are playing cards available with NFC capability embedded in them. I’m helping a friend make an automated bridge table. The step I’m helping with in particular is reading the card inputs and pushing the information on to … Continue reading

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Three-Dimensional Aruco Boards

I am using Aruco tags to locate mobile robots relative to one another. I have mounted tags on the robots using cubes so that at least one tag will be visible from every side of the robot. In the picture … Continue reading

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Programming languages I’ve learned in order

Inspired by this post on nodnod by DZ that I found today while randomly browsing. I’m taking liberties with the term programming language, but it’s my blog so bite me. BASIC on an Apple II and on what I think … Continue reading

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Collecting Disk Access Traces on Windows with Tracelog

Here is some information on how I have been collecting disk access traces on Windows using Tracelog. ┬áTracelog utilizes the ETW which I believe is only supported by NT5 based kernels (Win2k, XP, some server versions). ┬áPlease let me know … Continue reading

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