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Generative Art & Pen Plotters

Just operating my 3D printer have become a bit boring, so I’m interested in other uses for the gantry. Attaching a pen to the gantry to make a simple pen plotter seems like a worthy project. The plotting area will … Continue reading

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Firefly Robots

Some fireflies exhibit a remarkable behavior where their flashes can synchronize with one another. I am interested in seeing if I can reproduce this behavior in small tabletop robots. These robots may use lights and light sensors to reproduce the … Continue reading

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Fast Analog Read on Arduino

The Arduino AnalogRead(pin) function is simple to use, but can’t be called faster than about 10 kHz. Audio needs sample rates closer to 40 kHz. This post will be a notepad of resources and notes related to high speed analog … Continue reading

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NFC v3 Reader with Arduino

Turns out there are playing cards available with NFC capability embedded in them. I’m helping a friend make an automated bridge table. The step I’m helping with in particular is reading the card inputs and pushing the information on to … Continue reading

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Three-Dimensional Aruco Boards

I am using Aruco tags to locate mobile robots relative to one another. I have mounted tags on the robots using cubes so that at least one tag will be visible from every side of the robot. In the picture … Continue reading

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Programming languages I’ve learned in order

Inspired by this post on nodnod by DZ that I found today while randomly browsing. I’m taking liberties with the term programming language, but it’s my blog so bite me. BASIC on an Apple II and on what I think … Continue reading

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Collecting Disk Access Traces on Windows with Tracelog

Here is some information on how I have been collecting disk access traces on Windows using Tracelog. ┬áTracelog utilizes the ETW which I believe is only supported by NT5 based kernels (Win2k, XP, some server versions). ┬áPlease let me know … Continue reading

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