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Egg Robot – Walking Version

Today I finished the assembly of the walking version of my Egg Robot. Egg Robot wobbles like an egg (or a penguin). The basic mechanicals and electronics were assembled this week. I’ve function tested the electronics with a basic program. … Continue reading

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Egg Robot Cyclops (v3)

Egg Robot is a Cyclops! Making the Egg Robot (Ham-Steak) into a credible toy means not leaving the internals dangling around where they could be damaged. Version 3 of the Egg Robot adds front and rear covers that protect the … Continue reading

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1-D Egg Robot – Version 2

This week I made some changes to the Egg Bot and named it version 2 (even though it’s really a version 1.5 probably). I combined the servo and circuit board mounting into a single bracket, printed the new bracket, and … Continue reading

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Introducing RomiPi: A ROS Package for the Pololu Romi

The Pololu Romi with 32u4 Control Board is a robust, low-cost (<$150), educational robotics platform that supports interfacing with the Raspberry Pi computing platform. The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a robotics framework used throughout academics and industry which supports … Continue reading

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Manual Exposure Control of OpenCV Video

My experiments robot localization have been frustrated by blurry images. Blurry images have been making estimating the position of Aruco tag boards difficult with OpenCV. In my case, the camera is mounted to a moving robot that is photographing tags … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Cheatsheet

Follows is a list of tips for Raspberry Pi setup and use. Direct Ethernet Connect Setup * Turn on my Mac’s Internet Sharing for the Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter. The self-assigned IP on Thunderbolt Ethernet is fine. Use arp -n -i … Continue reading

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