Generative Art & Pen Plotters

Just operating my 3D printer have become a bit boring, so I’m interested in other uses for the gantry. Attaching a pen to the gantry to make a simple pen plotter seems like a worthy project. The plotting area will be fairly limited, but it seems like a good first step before investing in something more purpose built.

This page is mostly a repository for my notes on pen plotters and other generative art tools.

Plotters and Reviews:

Inspiration for Generative Art

Software For Generating Art

  • Inkscape offers numerous tools for converting SVG images gcode suitable for plotters like the AxiDraw. This is a cool extension for removing duplicate lines.
  • DrawBot looks like a cool program for generating SVG images using Python
  • Many artists use JavaScript directly to generate SVG images. This probably makes putting the artwork online much easier.

Generative Artists

  • The Generative Hut site has many interviews with very interesting generative artists.

Looking back I had a previous pen plotter attempt: the rat plotter!

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