Book Binding Cradle

Last week my friend Amanda (Hi!) showed me how to bind a book! We used her book-binding cradle to hold folded-gathered sheets while we poked holes in the creases. Wanting one for myself, and not seeing designs in the usual places, I whipped up a quick CAD model and made a prototype on the laser cutter.

Read below for files and details. Please comment if you’ve got ideas for improvement!

The tab-and-slot cradle design is based around 0.09″ thick 30-ply Chipboard from Blick and some 0.15″ Corrugated Cardboard that Blick packaged the chipboard in.

The CAD design is a Fusion 360 parametric design. If you copy the model yourself, you can change the materials thicknesses and platten sizes to match your materials and requirements.

If you have the same materials, pdf files for cutting are attached here.


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