1-D Egg Robot – Version 2

This week I made some changes to the Egg Bot and named it version 2 (even though it’s really a version 1.5 probably). I combined the servo and circuit board mounting into a single bracket, printed the new bracket, and installed the new bracket. The bracket seems to have improved stability by lowering the center-of-gravity. I refined the PID controller, reducing oscillations and departures following perturbations. Finally, I added a long-term planner that changes the set-point of the controller along a pre-programmed path. The planner smooths the transitions by a rate of 5 degrees per second to improve stability.

Egg Robot performing a 60-degree side-to-side (roll) transitions.

The goal of these roll transitions is to create space for a future, simple (knee-less) leg to swing in a 2-D version of the Egg Robot. I will continue to experiment with increasing the roll angle to find the limits of stability with the version 2 system. Then, further analysis can be done to determine parameters for future egg bots and whether a 2-D design is feasible.

Next steps for Version 3 of the 1-D robot:

  • Shoes so I don’t have to use the silicone mat to keep the robot from sliding
  • More complex PID controller
  • Enclosures for the front and back to add personality to the robot
  • Eyes
  • Battery power?
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