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Stilt Pants Planning

This blog hasn’t really contained much of my circus or sewing hobbies. That changes today I guess. These entries will document my process for developing a set of stilt pants for my dear friend. She is currently borrowing a pair, … Continue reading

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Egg Robot Cyclops (v3)

Egg Robot is a Cyclops! Making the Egg Robot (Ham-Steak) into a credible toy means not leaving the internals dangling around where they could be damaged. Version 3 of the Egg Robot adds front and rear covers that protect the … Continue reading

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Out of Control PIDs

This week’s post is less of a how-to and more of a “how-to?” I’ve got some ideas about the basics of PID controls, but this system is giving me trouble. I updated the PID control system on Egg-Bot Version 2. … Continue reading

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1-D Egg Robot – Version 2

This week I made some changes to the Egg Bot and named it version 2 (even though it’s really a version 1.5 probably). I combined the servo and circuit board mounting into a single bracket, printed the new bracket, and … Continue reading

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