Indoor Mobile-Robot Localization

The RomiPi project currently uses Aruco Tags for localization! While highly accurate, there are several limitations: cameras and vision are expensive, and visual obstructions limit use of cameras for certain carrying tasks. This pose will document various technologies and products in:

  • Accuracy
  • Measurement Basis
  • Relevant limitations for the RomiPi mobile robot platform

The release of Bluetooth 5.1’s support for angle of arrival will likely blow this space wide open. I plan to update this as more details arrive.

IMUAdafruit, BoschRelative movementFast updates, drifts over time
Optical FlowPixArtVisual movement1 cmonly X,Y. Issues with lighting, surface, distance to surface.
Bluetooth RSSIEstimote, iBeacon, Trilateration10-100 cmPoor accuracy
Bluetooth AngleTexas InstrumentsTriangulation1 degNot released yet, requires multi-antenna sensor
UWB DecawaveTrilateration10 cmAccuracy limited for Formations, better than BT RSSI though.

Relevant ROS Packages/Stacks

Intertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

IMU Readings

IMU Products

Optical Flow Products

UWB Products

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