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Xilinx Zedboard First Boot

This post will record my experience completing the Getting Started Instructions for the Xilinx Zedboard using a MacBook Pro. Follow the instructions as listed from Xilinx (plug it in, USB cable to UART port, insert card, power-on) to step 7. … Continue reading

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Programming languages I’ve learned in order

Inspired by this post on nodnod by DZ that I found today while randomly browsing. I’m taking liberties with the term programming language, but it’s my blog so bite me. BASIC on an Apple II and on what I think … Continue reading

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Regular Polyhedra Visualization

I’ve created a small Processing tool for visualizing the regular polyhedra. ¬†It is currently in a partially completed state that does not yet contain a proper Dodecahedron but I decided to release it anyway. ¬†Hopefully I will have that completed … Continue reading

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